Deluxe Baking Kit
mega fruit kit
premium veggie kit
Emergency Water Supply

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25 year shelf life food supply
Long-Term Food kits
Nutrient Survival 1-Year Food Supply for 1 Person – 144 #10 Cans – 1728 Servings – Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free
Augason Farms One Year Kit for One Person
4 week balanced food kit
Emergency Essentials® MEGA Fruit Kit
emergency food kit
ReadyWise (formerly Wise Food Storage) 1 Year Kit for 2 People – 2160 Serving Package – 372 lbs – Includes 12 – 120 Serving Entree Buckets and 6 – 120 Serving Breakfast Buckets
Deluxe Baking Kit
Lion Energy Safari LT Super Bundle
emergency food kit
ReadyWise (formerly Wise Food Storage) 1 Year Kit for 1 Person – 1440 Serving Package – 240 lbs – Includes 6 – 120 Serving Entree Buckets and 6 – 120 Serving Breakfast Buckets
Emergency Water Supply

1 Year Food Kits

pandemic food kit
Survive2Thrive 40 Days / Nights 20 PACK – 1-YEAR KIT FOR 2 PEOPLE – PLUS 4 FREE ENERFOOD – Organic, Vegan, & Non-GMO by Enerhealth Botanicals Emergency Survival Food Supply
1-Month (30-Day) Emergency Food Kit - Emergency Essentials
Lion Energy Safari LT Super Bundle
Emergency survival Supply
emergency food kit

Be prepared for whatever comes your way on your next outdoor adventure with up to 30 years shelf life wholesale survival foods 

and supplies from Survival aids your first step to Survivsl Solutions


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3-Month (30-Day) Emergency Food Kit - Emergency Essentials
Emergency Water Supply
ultimate 1-month food kit
Bear Essentials Survival 1 Year Emergency Food Supply – Twenty-Four Boxes – 4,536 Servings